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Thomas has gained local, state and national media attention for his excellent work in the Michigan legislature. Below are just a few of the latest news stories he has been featured in. 



"Rep. Albert named "Freshman Legislator of the Year" "

"LANSING — When Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, was elected to represent the 86th District in 2016, he did so after pursuing an “opportunity to be a voice in Lansing.”

Now with one year under his belt in the Legislature, Thomas’ voice has already been heard and made an impact throughout the state, and that performance has led him to be named “Freshman of the Year” by the Michigan Information & Research Service (MIRS)." - www.thedailynews.cc

"Guest column: A better way for teacher pensions"

"Last year, roughly one of every three dollars raised in state revenues for Michigan’s public schools went toward pension payments. That takes money out of the classroom and away from programs that benefit students. It also compresses teachers’ wages because more of their compensation must fund long-term obligations. If we do not tackle this problem now, the situation will be even worse in classrooms of the future. As a state legislator responsible for building a better Michigan and as the father of three young children, that is deeply disturbing." - www.freep.com

"Michigan pension and healthcare reform package passes through committee"

"LANSING - A 16-bill package introduced in the state legislature passed both chambers' committees Tuesday on party line votes. The Michigan House and Senate Committees on Competitiveness voted to recommend the bills and send them to their respective chambers. " - www.watchdog.org 

"Iraq War veteran joins GOP contingent in Michigan House"

"GRAND RAPIDS, MI -Albert served on active duty from 2007 to 2010 with the Marines, training as a motor transport platoon commander. He was deployed to Iraq's Anbar Province as an advisor to the Iraqi Army from June to December of 2009...His legislative priorities are close to home: helping veterans and making an impact with pension changes." - www.mlive.com 

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"OP-ED: Michigan a model for retirement system debt"

"The vast majority of public pension plans in the United States are dangerously underfunded, squeezing government budgets to the point where benefits promised to retirees and vital community services are threatened. Michigan has long been a model for how to look ahead and create long-term solutions for broken public retirement systems..." - Crain's Detroit

"To The Point: MI income tax"

"Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, was part of the process of bringing a personal exemption back to Michigan taxpayers.

“(We) addressed the issue with federal tax reform with the personal exemption in Michigan going away,” he said. “We brought that back so you get the personal exemption here in Michigan, and we actually increased it. So, over the next four years, it will go to $4900 per individual from $4500 you have. It’s great to be able to support tax relief for families in Michigan.” - www.woodtv.com

"Mich. House committee approves Rep. Albert’s plan to evaluate state’s economic incentives"

"Albert’s proposal would require the state to hire an independent outside contractor to evaluate and recommend modifications to Michigan’s economic incentive programs. The state has several such programs, generally providing businesses tax incentives with the goal of attracting or retaining jobs and promoting economic development.“Taxpayers deserve to know whether these programs use their money effectively and efficiently,” Albert said after the House Financial Liability Reform Committee — which he chairs — approved his legislation." - www.sentinial-standard.com 

"Albert’s victim statement bill approved by state House"

"The state House on Thursday approved state Rep. Thomas Albert’s plan to ensure victims, parents and other loved ones are given a voice by sharing victim impact statements during a court proceeding.“Victims, their families and loved ones all should have the right to explain how criminal behavior, such as a sexual assault or rape, has affected their life,” said Albert, who is a member of the House Law and Justice Committee that approved his bill." - www.sentinial-standard.com 

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"State Rep. Thomas Albert named MIRS Freshman of the Year"

"Not only was this an achievement because it protects employee benefits that have been previously promised, and because it protects part of the education system down the road, Albert explained, but also because passing major reforms through both chambers and the governor’s office is typically no small feat.“I think my Marine Corps training helped,” he says. “Nothing ever goes as planned. You have to come up with creative solutions to get around road blocks.” - www.sentinial-standard.com 

"Students would get loan info under bill OK’d in Mich"

"LANSING - "Under the bill , students would receive estimates on how much they have borrowed, their future monthly loan payments and total payoff estimates.

The sponsor, Republican Rep. Thomas Albert of Lowell, has said student loan debt can be a serious problem and once students realize their debt and what they will have to pay, they’re less likely to borrow money they may not need." - www.detroitnews.com

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"Rep. Albert: Military experience adds value"

"Legislation authored by state Rep. Thomas Albert, of Lowell, which allows a state employer to consider a veteran’s military experience as relevant work experience for the purpose of determining wage or salary was unanimously approved today by the House Military and Veterans Affairs Committee. Military experience provides a litany of professional skills that are transferable to the workplace, such as leadership and management, professional communication, problem-solving, team-building, teamwork and many others, Albert said." - www.sentinel-standard.com 

"Column: Act now to fix pension system"

"Michigan’s local governments have an estimated collective pension and retiree health care debt of nearly $20 billion. This takes money away from police and fire departments, road repairs and other essential public services we all depend on. It puts at risk the benefits public employees were promised for their retirement. It threatens to burden our children and grandchildren with debt they did not create.These benefits are not simply numbers in a report or spreadsheet. These benefits are earned through the hard work of police officers, firefighters and other members of our communities. Reform is needed to ensure our great public servants receive the benefits they were promised." - www.detroitnews.com


"Lawmaker Wants to Tax E-cigarettes and Vape Products"

“Essentially, the purpose of my bill is to treat e-cigarette products as tobacco products,” Albert wrote in an email to WZZM. “We need to send a message to minors that the long-term health effects of these products are unknown. Nicotine is clearly addictive and we want to do our part to ensure these products do not look attractive to minors,” Albert wrote in the email." - www.WZZM13.com

"State Rep Albert holds office hours" 

“We’re going to make it a focus ... to go out in the district and have office hours so if constituents have an issue they want to talk about or maybe some pending legislation they want me to know their viewpoint on, just giving them the opportunity to share their thoughts,” Albert said. Albert said nearly a dozen or more people sat and talked to him and his focus as a state rep is two-fold, constituent relations and supporting good policy." - www.sentinel-standard.com  


"Health warning labels on Michigan marijuana products gains traction"

"Providing a warning label on marijuana products is necessary because women who are pregnant or breastfeeding may use marijuana to treat such conditions as morning sickness, said state Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, who sponsored the bill. “We’re seeing more and more marijuana use by pregnant women, despite multiple studies finding its use is harmful for children,’’ he said. “Marijuana, alcohol and tobacco use can lead to low birth rate and certain developmental disabilities in newborns. We should label marijuana to remind pregnant mothers of the risks.’’ - www.WZZM13.com

"Bill legalizes breeding of large carnivores in Michigan"

"Breeding large carnivores would no longer be illegal in Michigan under legislation introduced in the House of Representatives on Tuesday. House Bill 5778, introduced by Rep. Thomas Albert, R-Lowell, puts in place a licensing process for people who want to breed large carnivores in Michigan. Such breeding was outlawed in 2000. "This important legislation promotes the health and safety of animals and creates high standards for conservation breeding programs in Michigan," Albert said in a press release."  - www.mlive.com