Honored to Serve

Thomas is a proven leader who understands that hard work is what drives results. Families of the 86th District deserve a leader who can fix problems and not create them. Thomas did not come from money and like most families in America he knows what it is like to fight to make ends meet. He understands when times get tough, it is time to cut spending and not demand a raise. Governments need to operate under the same principles. Thomas is a U.S. Marine who has dedicated his life to public service and would be honored to serve as your State Representative.


The Albert Family

Thomas knows there is nothing more important than family, and as your representative he will fight to ensure your family has the support it deserves. Thomas and his wife, Erica, are the proud parents of two wonderful children, and they strive to emphasize the same faith-based household they experienced growing up. Thomas has been surrounded by a family which has been dedicated to public service. His father is a retired teacher and his mother is a retired social worker. In addition he has four brothers who are all law enforcement officers. 

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your support. Running a campaign is expensive and the only way to get the message out is through your generous contributions. If you would like to help the campaign through volunteering, please email info@votealbert.com.  If you would like to help through a monetary contribution, please click the donate button below.  


For further information, please reach out to info@votealbert.com