Thomas is a firm believer that governments should not spend based on what they want, but rather on what they can afford.  Taxpayers live within a budget and so should governments. 

Since the end of the “Lost Decade” the GOP held legislature and Governor’s office have produced balanced budgets months ahead of schedule every year.  Thomas is proud to have supported fiscally responsible budgets and will continue to do so in the future.

Thomas supported increasing the personal exemption that each Michigander can claim to reduce their taxable income.  He also stood for reducing the state income tax for Michigan taxpayers.  When government’s budgets are stressed they are quick to ask for more money, but when times are good they are slow to give back.  Thomas will continue to fight for a reduced tax burden on Michigan families going forward. 

Other notable votes Thomas took include:

  • Supported an economic brownfield redevelopment for projects that blight Michigan communities.
  •  Voted against a “Good Jobs” package that gave unnecessary incentives to corporations.
  •  Voted against a misguided tax credit that would have unfairly redistributed wealth under the guise of helping seniors.